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Salter's Books
Japanese Popular Prints by Rebecca Salter
Published by University of Hawaii Press
In the West we tend to associate Japanese prints with the ukiyo-e tradition - prints based on the aristocracy, cultural heroes, actors and the beautiful people of the time. These prints were (and are) considered to be fine art, using the highest quality of materials and immense time and skill. But behind the scenes Japanese printmakers in the major cities were also catering for a working class culture, using intense speed and poor quality materials to create beautiful multi-coloured decorative papers, votive name cards, games, playing cards, gift envelopes, paper screens etc. In this book, Rebecca Salter explores this tradition and also the work that is still being done today in this field. The result is a fascinating look at an exciting and beautiful art form.
"The most useful book on Japanese prints for decades"
Lawrence Smith, Curator Emeritus, Japanese Antiquities, The British Museum
Japanese Woodblock Printing by Rebecca Salter
Published by A & C Black
The book is being reprinted and due for publication in autumn 2013.
In this book, Rebecca Salter takes us through the history of Japanese woodblock, discusses the materials, tools and papers available and their Western equivalents) and shows how to get the most of of them thorugh interesting step-by-step projects. The work of an international group of artists shows the varied and exciting work being produced today.
This is what one reader said about Salter's book (courtesy
A fascinating guide to the production of Japanese prints
Reviewer: Gina Collia-Suzuki, from Bath, UK

This is a fascinating guide to the production of Japanese woodblock prints, whether your intention is to produce a woodblock print or, as a collector or student of Japanese prints, to acquire a better understanding of the processes which take place in order to better appreciate the prints in your collection. The book deals with every aspect of woodblock printing, including the types of wood used, inks, tools, papers, and includes clear instructions on how to produce a print yourself. There is also a section dealing with special printing techniques, such as embossing, colour gradation, and using mica. For those of us who do not reside in Japan there are Western equivalents listed for the items needed in woodblock print production, and a list of suppliers in the UK, US, Australia and Japan (including mail order). The text is informative and there are many photos throughout to demonstrate the various tools required and stages of print production. An excellent guide