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What is composting? What can I compost?
Composting means that you separate out the organic parts of your household rubbish (mostly vegetable and fruit peelings) and put them in a compost bin. Over time they break down into compost which you can put on your garden. Your plants will thrive from this organic fertilizer and you'll never need chemical fertilizer again.

For the most part the rule is that anything that once grew can go in the compost bin. However, we recommend that you don't put animal bones and skin in your vegetable compost - they take longer to break down and can attract rodents. Here are some things that you can compost:

Vegetable peelings, fruit skins, citrus peel and kitchen scraps

Tea leaves, tea bags, coffee grounds (give leftover tea to your plants)

Eggs shells, hair, paper towels

Vegetable scraps and chemical free crop residues

Weeds and hedge clippings

Grass cuttings - grass is an activator and adding some to the compost bin makes it happen faster

Paper and cardboard - egg cartons, brown paper, cardboard - large quantities should be recycled

Dead flowers

Pet bedding and manure (guinea pigs to horses but only vegetarian pets - not cats and dogs)

Natural fibre fabrics such as cotton - cut into shreds

Wood ash
It sounds messy - is it?
No it isn't - it's just a question of organizing. Instead of putting fruit and vegetable peelings in with your other household rubbish you keep it in a separate container. This is emptied into your compost bin instead of your rubbish bin - easy!
What do I need to start composting?
You need a separate bucket for your fruit and vegetable peelings and a compost bin. We have developed a locally made compost bin suitable for conditions in Ghana - see below for details.
How long will it take?
When your compost bin is full you transfer the mixture to jute bags - from then it will take between 3 - 6 months to mature.
I'm convinced - what should I do now?
Order a compost bin from us (see below) and we will give you all the support you need. We'll supply you with an information sheet that has everything you need to know about composting. Also, if you're worried that your compost is not going well we'll come and check it out for you.
Our compost bin
RecycleAfrica's comost bin
RecycleAfrica.com has developed a compost bin that is locally made and adapted for conditions in Ghana. It includes several unique features to make sure the composting process can happen easily.

Finished height:
42 inches (Legs 4 ins)

Dimensions of chamber:
38 high, 25ins wide, 25 ins deep

Price: 200,000 cedis
This price includes an information pack with all you need to know about composting.

Order a compost bin by email now!