Composting •Recycling  
Why recycle?
What can I recycle in Accra now?

Here are some of the things that you can recycle in Accra now:


Super Paper Products Company Ltd, Tema
Tel: 021 665015-6 or 022 306359
Recycle 'office' type paper. Will pick up - phone for details

Glass bottles and jars (with and without lids) can be sold back to people who repackage goods. Glass that cannot be used for repackaging can be given to glass blowers who make beads and other glass ornaments. They particularly like unusally coloured glass.
Aluminium cans and foil can be collected and sold to metal workers who make cooking utensils. Crush the cans.
If you know of an outlet for any recycling please email us on info@RecycleAfrica.com. Also email us if you're interested in forming a neighbourhood collection point for any recycled item.

It's more a question of why not? We can all see the rubbish piling up around us ruining our environment. We know we should be doing something about it but we don't. It's time to start now before it's too late. Every single person can make a difference if they follow the three golden rules of recycling:

Rule number 1:  Reduce
Don't be wasteful - for example use as few plastic bags as possible when you shop or, better still, take a reusable bag
Rule number 2:  Reuse
Don't throw away anything that can be used again - by anyone, not only you!
Rule number 3:  Recycle
Find out who can use what - see out list to the right for what you can recycle in Accra now
It sounds like a lot of work - is it?
No it isn't. It's just of question of organization and a change in the way you think. Every time you throw something away stop and think if it can be recycled or not. If it can, don't throw it away.
How can I start recycling?
Organize an area where you can easily separate out the things you throw away - see our diagram below to give you some ideas. You'll also need an area (usually outside) where you can collect the recycled items like (glass and aluminium) until they go for recycling
Our rubbish management system
Organize a central rubbish and recycling point in your house. A cupboard under the sink is a good place or make a simple stand alone wooden cupboard or chest.
At the end of each day the Compost bucket is emptied into the compost bin, washed and replaced.

At the end of each day the plastic bag in the 'Yuk' bucket is tied shut and put in the outside dustbin.

When it's full the 'Failures' bucket can be emptied into the outside dustbin.

Every week the Recycling box is emptied. The items for recycling are sorted by type and kept in bins until they can go for recycling. (an outside area like the garage or a garden shed is best for this).

Use this system in your household and see how much you can reduce your rubbish.