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Composting Recycling  

Hello... my names Edmond Abongo and I'm from the north of Ghana. In the north we're farmers and we respect our environment. We know that unless we take care of our land then it won't take care of us and our children. Here in Accra people have forgotten that - look at how much rubbish you can see lying around the place.
   Just because we're living in a big town doesn't mean we should spoil our surroundings - there's a lot we can do everyday. See the Composting section to learn how you can save money, save the environment and make your garden grow. Take a look at the Recycling section to see how you can recycle too.
    If you'd like to know more about how to compost and recycle email me on

Our competition
The team at the ITAfrica Fair
A big thankyou to every one who visited our stand at the ITAfrica Fair at BusyInternet on 23rd & 24th November. We had 262 entrants. The correct answers are on the Competition page and so are the names of the winners.